Monday, July 18, 2011

Dictionary of Christian Spirituality by Zondervan

Zondervan's Dictionary of Christian Spirituality just came out, and it is a great resource to have! I'm also excited about it because I was asked to write an article on the Beguines for this volume plus 12 other articles.

Over the past couple of years various people have asked me on email or Facebook what "Christian Spirituality" or "Spiritual Formation" is all about. Now we have an excellent reference book by an evangelical publishing house with articles by evangelicals on the subject.

Part 1 of the dictionary has 34 essays such as "Overview of Christian Spirituality" by Glen Scorgie, "Spiritual Theology" by Simon Chan, and "The Future of Christian Spirituality" by James Houston. Part 2 consists of the Dictionary entries.

This volume gives a great overview of what Christian spirituality is as well as its biblical roots and its historic development over the past 20 centuries.

To order it on Amazon, click on the link on the left column of Deep Wells.

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