Monday, December 19, 2016

Journeying with Mary toward Bethlehem: Advent Breathless Anticipation

Mary knew: her body told her,
She was about to deliver.
It would not be long now
Until the Baby would be born.

Soon contractions would begin,
Mother breathless in labor.
At the thought of her Baby,
Mary even now breathless with expectation.

Mary’s imminent delivery:
Deliverance for the world!
God’s deliverance from slavery
To sin, to Satan, to self.

Such deliverance from on high:
Each of us needs today.
Setting us free from self
Releasing us from bondage.

Many things hold us in chains:
We pretend they are not there,
Yet we know we need help
From Jesus to set us free.

Mary’s soon delivery:
Deliverance for us all.
With Mary we now wait,
With breathless expectation!
© 2016 Glenn E. Myers

Friday, December 9, 2016

Journeying with Mary toward Bethlehem: Advent Hope

The road to Bethlehem was long,
Bumpy, dusty, tiring.
Nine months pregnant,
Mary uncomfortable and exhausted.

Weariness faded the memory
Of Gabriel’s visit,
Of God’s promise,
Of the purpose for this all.

Now it was pure stamina,
Discipline to stay focused.
Obedience keeps saying “yes,”
Fortitude, pure and simple.

But behind such endurance
Lay hope—divine hope.
God’s Spirit traveled with Mary,
Albeit hid in the dust from the road.

God’s Spirit journeys with us too,
As we walk beside Mary.
We follow in obedience,
Persevering in spiritual pilgrimage.

Even if we cannot feel it,
Hope within disappoints not.
God’s plans still stand firm,
Buoying us up in hope!

© 2016 Glenn E. Myers

Monday, December 5, 2016

Journeying with Mary toward Bethlehem: Advent Secret

What were the rumors?
Mary pregnant without husband:
Joseph must be blamed,
Or perhaps it was another.

Did such words hurt her
As she and Joseph traveled south?
Seeking Bethlehem,
Was she ostracized and shamed?

Yet held in her heart,
Mary had a secret from God:
Her child was holy,
From the Holy Spirit Divine.

Mary spoke in faith:
“Behold the servant of the Lord,
Be it done to me,
According to God’s promised word.”

As Advent moves on
We travel along with Mary,
Sharing in her secret:
God mysteriously at work.

Then we join her prayer:
“Here I am, the Lord God’s servant,
Be it done to me,
According to God’s promised word!”

© 2016 Glenn E. Myers