Friday, December 9, 2016

Journeying with Mary toward Bethlehem: Advent Hope

The road to Bethlehem was long,
Bumpy, dusty, tiring.
Nine months pregnant,
Mary uncomfortable and exhausted.

Weariness faded the memory
Of Gabriel’s visit,
Of God’s promise,
Of the purpose for this all.

Now it was pure stamina,
Discipline to stay focused.
Obedience keeps saying “yes,”
Fortitude, pure and simple.

But behind such endurance
Lay hope—divine hope.
God’s Spirit traveled with Mary,
Albeit hid in the dust from the road.

God’s Spirit journeys with us too,
As we walk beside Mary.
We follow in obedience,
Persevering in spiritual pilgrimage.

Even if we cannot feel it,
Hope within disappoints not.
God’s plans still stand firm,
Buoying us up in hope!

© 2016 Glenn E. Myers

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