Monday, April 16, 2012

God's Presence Filling Ordinary Days

How often I experience God in the exciting times. Lent is an intense time of spiritual focus. Likewise I love to get away on retreat, go on a pilgrimage, or celebrate a sunrise service at Easter. However, ordinary days and seasons of the year are much harder. It is more difficult to maintain energy in my walk with the Lord—as well as be thankfulness—during the day-in and day-out of life.

Life’s Daily Events
Currently I am learning to enjoy God’s presence in the daily events of life. He is harder to see—at least for me—in the mundane, but he is not the least bit less there.

Everyday life is chock full with God’s handiwork. Indeed, the ordinary is pregnant with the presence of God if we but have eyes to see it.

An ordinary sunset displays God’s radiant glory. A quiet half hour over a cup of coffee in the morning is an opportunity to listen to the still, small voice. The wakening of a new day is a revelation of God’s creation.

That is precisely the revelation that an English woman, Eleanor Farjeon, had when she wrote the words to the hymn “Morning has Broken.” She heard the blackbird’s song as an echo of the first bird at creation. In the dawning of the new morning she saw the very first morn springing fresh from the Word!

Eyes of Faith
The eyes of faith discover God’s fingerprints all around us—all other eyes see just an ordinary day. I am learning to cultivate a receptive attitude so I can receive the Lord’s love and peace and presence in the mundane times of life. Recently I saw this quote:

“No heaven can come to us
unless our hearts find rest in it today.
Take heaven.
No peace lies in the future
which is not hidden in this present instant.
Take peace.” -Fra Giovanni

We cannot wait for the extraordinary times and experiences to enjoy the Lord. They are great when they come; however, we must enjoy God’s presence in the ordinary days of life—because that is precisely where we live most of our lives.

© 2012 Glenn E. Myers

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